Miranda Lambert’s New Boyfriend Evan Felker Ghosted His Wife Per PEOPLE

Oh what a tangled web Miranda Lambert’s new relationship with Evan Felker is turning out to be. Now the latest reports say that Felker actually ghosted his wife of over a year for two months before filing for divorce in February.

According to a PEOPLE report, Felker and Lambert began flirting via text message before they ever met. Ultimately, Felker and his band the Turnpike Troubadours joined Lambert on her Livin’ Like Hippies Tour as an opening act for merely three performances. While their texting started out strictly about work and the possibility of writing a song together, it turned to flirting well before they even met on tour.

Felker actually felt guilty and showed his wife, Staci, the text messages. While the flirting crossed a line with her, Felker wanted to pursue the chance to write a song with the award-winning country music star. He hoped such an opportunity would change his entire life along with Staci’s life.

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